lundi 12 septembre 2011


Un motif de T-shirt inspiré par une scène au début des Aventuriers de l'Arche Perdue.
Si vous voulez qu'il soit édité, vous pouvez voter ici.

A T-shirt design inspired by a scene in the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
If you want it to be printed, you can vote here.

8 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

I would like to buy this shirt. Is there any place that still sells it?

maxime pécourt a dit…

Hello, this T-shirt has never been printed. If you know a website that could edited it, don't hesitate to tell me.
Thank you

Anonyme a dit…

Design by Humans does a lot of shirts with really large printing and printing that flows onto the sleeves. Look at their page for examples.

And let us know when this prints!

Awesome design.

Dave Morse a dit…

Seconding Design by Humans, they're good! I will absolutely buy this shirt (I'm in the US.)

Please let me know if you go ahead with it!

maxime pécourt a dit…

The design has been accepted for voting here :

Anonyme a dit…

I'm glad that cite worked for you. I just registered and just have to wait.

Anonyme a dit…

Looks like it might not have garnered enough votes to print at DBH. Any other leads?

I soooooo want to wear this shirt!

maxime pécourt a dit…

Hi !
I have seen a shop that print shirts, I must ask them the prices... But printed one by one, it may cost a bit expensive.